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GBC XplorAA Dual Двулъчев Атомнoaбсорбциoнен спектрометър

Производител: GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd
Артикулен номер: 99-0568-00

Spectrometer with flame emission capability. Asymmetric modulation with 2:1 sample reference ratio for noise reduction. All-reflective optics for constant focus, quartz overcoating on mirrors. Comes with air-acetylene burner and software.
Features Include:
• Automatic wavelength and slit setting for fast and convenient analysis.
• Data storage for applications, results, sample labels, weights and dilutions, report headings etc.
• Storage of signal graphics for all samples. Zoom facility for efficient diagnostics and rapid method development.
• Guaranteed best precision (5 ppm Cu gives <0.5% RSD) and
• Guaranteed best sensitivity (5 ppm Cu gives >0.9 Abs) on the same measurement.
• Integral liquid trap.
• Hyper-Pulse background correction ensures more accurate correction of fast background signals. Corrects to 2.5 Abs.
• Software supports CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.
• Calibration with up to 5 standards (or 10 optional). Uses exact fit curve correction, least squares curve correction, and standard additions.
Ebert-Fastie design with 333 mm focal length and 175-900 nm wavelength range. 1,800 line/mm grating, with dual blazed profile and linear reciprocal dispersion of 1.6. Automatic wavelength selection and peaking. Automatic selection of 20 slit settings 0.1 nm to 2.0 nm in steps of 0.1 nm. Reduced height available with all slit widths. Automatic setting of slit width and height. Automatic wavelength scanning.
Hollow Cathode Lamps:
Unique Dual Lamp Pivot Chasis Design, holds two standard hollow cathode lamps. Simultaneous power supply allows warm up of lamp while the other is in use. Optional 1 Super Lamp power supply also available.
Background Correction:
Hyper-Pulse background corrector takes 200 (50 Hz) or 240 (60 Hz) sample readings per second for correction of fast background peaks. With approximately 1 ms between pulses and interpolation between measurements, best possible accuracy is assured. High intensity deuterium arc lamp provides 175-425 nm correction range. Corrects to 2.5 total absorbance.
Manual Gasbox:
Manual setting of flame type and gas flows. Separate fuel and oxidant flow meters. Push-button ignition. Interlocks monitor burner type, liquid trap level. Ignition is prevented if a fault is detected. Interlocks prevent ignition with nitrous-oxide flame or changeover to nitrous-oxide flame with air-acetylene burner.
Flame Atomization System:
Premix design with solid polypropylene mixing chamber. All-titanium burner construction. Nebulizer has platinum-iridium capillary and titanium venturi. Adjustable sample uptake rate. Inert impact bead. Liquid trap with liquid level interlock.
Performance Guarantee:
Guaranteed best precision (5 ppm Cu gives <0.5% RSD) and
Guaranteed best sensitivity (5 ppm Cu gives >0.9 Abs) on the same measurement.
PC Software includes:
The PC software package has been designed for ease of use and operates within Windows®, utilizing many of the enhanced features of this environment.
Simplicity comes from the modular design of the software. The Method, Samples, Analysis, Instrument Control, Report Generation and Results modules can all be accessed from any part of the software.
Some of the advanced features include:
• Software supports CFR 21 Part 11 compliance.
• Calibration with up to ten standards. Uses exact fit curve correction, least squares, linear least squares, standard additions or bracketing standards.
• Password protection on methods and results
• Signal graphics linked to individual samples
• Complete quality control protocols (GLP), including check samples, spike recoveries, calibration failure, QC limits.
• Unlimited number of samples in a run
• Comprehensive report generation with the ability to use any printer supported by Windows®.
• Comprehensive, context sensitive, hyper text help
• True multi-tasking capability
Initiate your multi-element analysis with just ONE mouse click-Point, click, analyse. It's that simple!