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Actavis Actavis - Actavis is one of the world's leading players in the development, manufacture, and sale of first-class generic pharmaceuticals. The successful integration of a number of acquisitions has helped position Actavis among the world’s largest companies in the industry. Founded in 1956, the Group has more than 10,000 employees operating in over 40 countries around the globe. Actavis’ headquarters are in Iceland.

Sopharma SA Sopharma SA - Sopharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical producers in Bulgaria, famous for creating high-quality medicines

Carlsberg Bulgaria Carlsberg Bulgaria - Carlsberg is one of the world's leading companies, producers of beer. The company produces 9 billion liters of beer per year, equivalent to about 66 million bottles of 330 ml per day. Carlsberg beer sold in over 150 countries and employs nearly 30,000 employees. They are part of 90 separate locations in 45 countries. In September 2004 the two factories "Shumensko pivo "and" Pirinsko pivo", incoroporate their resources and assets under the name of Carlsberg Bulgaria. Together they rank third in market share of beer map of Bulgaria.

Prista Oil Prista Oil - Prista Oil Group is a holding structure. Its activity could be shared in two main core businesses – batteries (Monbat Company, listed on Sofia Stock Exchange) and lubricants, developed by Prista Oil Holding EAD and its foreign subsidiaries. The Holding includes also Dutch company Star Oil which is ne of the biggest traders of base oils of Mediterranean region. Over the last 14 years the company has developed business relations with partners in more than 20 countries within the region, as its market share in the separate countries ranging between 5% and 55%, It makes the company one of the biggest lubricants producers in East Europe

Coca Cola Coca Cola - World leader in the manufacture of carbonated beverages and fruit juices. Coca-Cola owns three production bases in Bulgaria - Plovdiv, Targovishte and Kostinbrod

Tomil Herb Tomil Herb - The main activity of "Tommy Herb Ltd. is the manufacture and marketing of herbal tablets and food supplements. It's start was given in 1995, when appeared the first product under the brand "Dr. Milko Toshkov.

Kendy Kendy - Company Candy Ltd. was established in 1991 and since then the company is developing and growing till now as one of the leaders of the Bulgarian market in the food industry. Candy Ltd. is ISO 9001 - 2000 certificated and meets all European standards and requirements

"MEGGLE M.J." Ltd "MEGGLE M.J." Ltd - A leading company in processing and production of milk and milk products

Bolyarka VT AD Bolyarka VT AD - Bolyarka VT AD is a leading brewery that offers products with proven quality and reputation, which is secured by a professional, 120 years of history and experience, ambition for innovation and the highest standards in all activities it conducts. The company develops modern type distribution of beer, with its economic efficiency allows maintenance of high-tech manufacturing reinvestment in product know-how and keep the company in the consumer's mind as a symbol for a reliable manufacturer, employer and partner.

VINPROM PESHTERA SA VINPROM PESHTERA SA - VINPROM PESHTERA SA is a leading Bulgarian producer of high quality wines and high-alcoholic drinks. The company develops, produces and establishes world-class products of high quality distillates, developed in conformity with the consumers’ demands and preferences, on the national market.


KCM SA KCM SA - production activity includes recovery and refining of metals and provides products which service the operation of certain companies, domestic as well as foreign.

SOCOTAB Bulgaria EOOD SOCOTAB Bulgaria EOOD - Socotab LLC is one of the leading oriental tobacco leaf merchants and is a partner company of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc. The Socotab Group operates in all of the classical oriental growing regions and supplies the leading internationa cigarette manufacturers.

Bulgarian Academy of Science Bulgarian Academy of Science -

Belvedere Bulgaria Belvedere Bulgaria - Belvedere Bulgaria was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of the French holding company Belvedere Group. Its property is one of the largest winemakers in Bulgaria - wineries Domain Menada in Stara Zagora and Wine House "Sakar in Lyubimetz.

Orgachim Orgachim - In Orgahim Corp. employs nearly 500 people. About 30 percent of production is geared to meet the needs of the consumer market, the other covering the industrial market. The product range includes - paints, lacquers, enamels, primers, adhesives, electrical insulating varnishes, resins. The company is the only manufacturer in the country of anhydrides and largest producer of plasticizers and alkyd resins.

Milkyex Ltd. Milkyex Ltd. - is a Bulgarian company operating in the field of dairy production and purchase of raw milk.

Zagorka Brewery Zagorka Brewery - is the leading brewery in Bulgaria, part of the lifestyle of beer and fans with over 100 years of history. It belongs to the global brewing company Heineken NV in the world which has an attractive portfolio of strong brands such as: Heineken, Zagorka, Amstel, Ariana, Stolichno, Gold and Murphy's.

 “NOVA TRADE” Ltd “NOVA TRADE” Ltd - Company was established in 1998. with main activity - production and marketing of soft drinks. Key brands of the company are: "DERBY", "PIT BULL" and "FRUKTO"

Telish Wine Cellar Telish Wine Cellar - Telish Wine Cellar was established in 1960 and was privatized in 1996. The winery specializes in the production of superior red wines made from the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grape varieties.During the past 5 years, under the current management, the winery made significant strides to become one of the leading Bulgarian wine producers. The products of Telish Wine Cellar are now successfully marketed in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Germany, Croatia, Russia and the Scandinavian countries.

Ellatzite-Med AD Ellatzite-Med AD - Ellatzite-Med AD is a private joint-stock company dealing with extraction and processing of copper and gold-containing ores. It is the largest company in the GEOTECHMIN group. Ellatzite-Med is a leader in the Bulgarian mining industry and an active member of such organizations as the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology and the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy. The company represents the modern business in Bulgaria having a responsible approach towards the environmental and social issues of the regions where it is operating.

“Lactima” Ltd “Lactima” Ltd - “Lactima” Ltd is specialized in the production of milk and dairy products. The company offers the most popular yoghurt drink – “Balkan”, as well as many others products with milk and fruit tastes.

Holcim Bulgaria Holcim Bulgaria - Holcim Bulgaria is part of the world's leading supplier of cement, aggregates and concrete - and the most successfully operated supplier of cement, aggregates and concrete in Bulgaria.

Devnya Cement Devnya Cement - Italcementi Group entered the Bulgarian market in 1998 with the acquisition of Devnya Cement – a plant with production facilities and an annual capacity of approximately 2 million tons, located near Varna – the largest port in the country. In 1999, Italcementi Group acquired Vulkan Cement – a plant with production capacity of about 500 thousand tons, located near Dimitrovgrad. Presently, Italcementi Group is the largest cement producer in Bulgaria and has an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tons. In addition, the Group provides over 500 direct working positions, as well as 1500 indirect positions, including subcontractors, working on the company’s property.

Verila Lubricants AD Verila Lubricants AD - Verila Lubricants AD is a successor of the rich traditions of the "Verila" chemical factory situated near Sofia that was established in 1945. During the period of 1968 -1990 a full reconstruction and modernization had been made and as a result new operation series of new facilities were initiated, which partially formed the company's current appearance. Today the manufacturing activities of Verila Lubricants AD include: Production of high quality greases with conventional and specialized applications Production of coolants/antifreezes, windscreen washer fluids, detergents for both household and industry, antifoam agents and other non-standard products. Production of deicers for winter treatment of roads, parks, walkways, alleys, parking areas, etc.

University Hospital "Lozenets" University Hospital "Lozenets" - University Hospital "Lozenets" is a multi-profile hospital specializing in unique country diagnostic and therapeutic activities such as diagnostic imaging, invasive cardiology, endoscopic surgery and more. The team of specialists at the hospital carry out research and applied research in the field of medical science and practice in the application of modern medical technology

"ALMAGEST" AD "ALMAGEST" AD - "ALMAGEST" AD is a company with a core business of manufacturing high quality ethyl alcohol 96.5%, designed for the food industry. The Company's strategy is related to the use of wheat as a raw material in the production. The plant has a fully equipped laboratory to control the quality of production by GC analysis and production efficiency - by liquid chromatographic analysis. The laboratory work is based on the methods of VOGELBUSCH GmbH. The purpose of "ALMAGEST" AD is to meet the highest European standards for product quality and to be a reliable partner for its customers.

Wine Cellar "MINKOV BROTHERS" Wine Cellar "MINKOV BROTHERS" - Looking for the balance between tradition and modern winemaking technologies, the Wine Cellar has combined 135-year experience, beneficial soil, favourable climate and a passion for winemaking, and is now carrying on with what the Minkov brothers have bequeathed to it. Today the winery stands out with high quality and own identity.

Water supply and sewerage company Yovkovtsi Ltd. (WSSCY Ltd.) Water supply and sewerage company Yovkovtsi Ltd. (WSSCY Ltd.) - Water supply and sewerage company Yovkovtsi Ltd. (WSSCY Ltd.) in its current structure serves approximately 300,000 people from nine municipalities – Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Elena, Lyaskovets, Zlataritsa, Pavlikeni, Polski Trambesh, Strazhitsa and Suhindol and also supplies municipality Dryanovo with purified water. The length of the water main supported by the company is 2,877 thousand meters (including 2299 thousand meters asbestos cement pipes). The length of sewerage is 279 thousand meters. WSSCY Ltd. has built DWTP (drinking water treatment plant) near the Yovkovtsi Reservoir from which the company draws water, WWTP [waste water treatment plant] in Veliko Tarnovo, WWTP in Gorna Oryahovitsa and 190 water pumping stations. Water-supply of the territory that WSSCY Ltd. serves is carried out by the Yovkovtsi Reservoir as a surface water source and 346 units of water intake (drainage, reservoirs, wells and shafts). Water is supplied to the settlements by pumps or gravity means. Waste water from households and industrial enterprises is directed to WWTP and after purification flows into the receiver the Yantra River. The plans of the WSSCY Ltd. are included into Business program by 2009, which will improve the quality of services to the level the customers deserve.

"Sofia Tech Park" JSC "Sofia Tech Park" JSC - "Sofia Tech Park" JSC is a state-owned company. The main goal of the company is to boost the development of research, innovation and technological capabilities of Bulgaria through implementing different projects. For this purpose, “Sofia Tech Park” will partner with private and public institutions in order to create and manage a unique environment for innovation, build and implement educational programs and provide support to the commercialization of new technologies, products and services. The most fundamental project of the company is creating the first science and technology park in Bulgaria. The park is expected to become a prestigious location for national, regional and global researchers and innovative companies, showing examples of a knowledge – based economy in Bulgaria and the Balkans region. The objective of this project is to accelerate the competitiveness of science and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria by improving the knowledge exchange between academia and business, supporting startups and innovative ideas and thus catalyzing the process of commercialization of research. For the realization of the project, “Sofia Tech Park” already has established partnerships with leading universities, the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), business clusters and large international companies, Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Politics, NGOs and other institutions. The company will be responsible for the overall project development and support of all additional activities – marketing, financing, leasing, construction, etc.


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